Ladies Kimono Cranes Pines red

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Japanese ladies kimono with cranes and pines.

Ladies Kimono Cranes Pines red

Traditional cut with butterfly sleeves and design from Japan. Shown are golden cranes and golden pines. Kimono with cranes and pines are very popular in Japan for both men and women.

A Japanese proverb says, "The crane lives a thousand years, the turtle ten thousand years". Therefore, the crane stands for long life, happiness and health. It is said that a sick person will recover, who will fold a thousand cranes.

Pine is of paramount importance in Japanese culture. On the one hand, it is one of the most popular garden trees besides plum and cherry and on the other hand, according to the old belief, it is also worshiped as a gods seat. Even today, the custom is cultivated in Japan to set up a New Year's ornaments made of pines, bamboo and plum blossoms on both sides of the front door at New Year, thus asking for happiness for the New Year.

MATERIAL: 100% cotton, machine washable, 40 ° C. This cotton has been pretreated, it is running in.

SIZE, WEIGHT: The kimono is 137cm (54 inches) long, ankle-length in women between 160-165cm tall. The circumference fits up to size 44. Approx. 400g net.

BELT: Supplied with tie belt made of the same fabric as the kimono.

From Japan.


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Lieferzeit 3 - 7 Tage innerhalb Deutschlands, 5 - 10 Tage innerhalb Europas
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