Japan-Shop – Stylish from Japan and China

Striving for harmony and balance, focusing on the essentials, clear shapes and patterns - these are the common characteristics of all products in our Japan shop. Our assortment ranges from Japanese fashion (kimono, yukata, silk scarf, etc.) to furniture (such as tatami mats), Japanese tea, lamps, fans, crockery, and authentic tai chi clothing from China.

Japan Shop – japanische Mode, Möbel und Gebrauchsartikel günstig online kaufen. Das Foto zeigt die Reproduktion einer japanischen Zeichnung der to the NEW Hits

Japancom stands for communication with Japan, the Japanese and Asian culture. We would like to bring beautiful, stylish, foreign and funny things from Japan and China to Germany. However, japancom.de only offers products that meet at least three requirements:

  1. best quality
  2. the price is good and fair (possible through direct imports)
  3. design and implementation correspond to Japanese or Chinese lifestyle

Our customers include Japan and China fans and others. Sushi bars, Asian restaurants, Chinese medicine clinics, as well as theaters and movie makers will always find what they are looking for in authentic fashion and home decor from Japan and China. Let us convince you of our quality and bring a piece of Japan and China to your home!


Japanese Clothing and Accessories

We have over 100 Kimono models as well as traditional Yukata in stock. In addition to traditional Japanese Clothing you will find on japancom.de also fashionable accessories such as Japanese fans, jewelry, silk scarves u.v.m.

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